2018 Long Valley Lacrosse Registration Open

2018 Long Valley
Wolfpack Travel Lacrosse Registration

Important items to understand prior to registration are as follows:

**** All participants MUST be residents of Long Valley/Washington Township to register ****

There are 3 separate steps to registering for LV lacrosse: 1.) JOIN or RENEW US Lacrosse membership 2.) Register with LVLAX 3.) Uniform ordering

All registration is completed online-CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS ONLY

REGISTRATION WEBSITE:  www.longvalleyjuniorlacrosse.siplay.com

 *** LATE FEES WILL APPLY AFTER January 15, 2018 ***

1.) All players/coaches at all levels are required to be current members of US Lacrosse:  Prior to registering on this site, go to http://www.uslacrosse.org and either renew your existing membership or apply for a new one (new player).  Our club/league is insured through US Lacrosse and this insurance is not valid if without full membership of all our players and coaches.  Any players or coaches not registered by the start of the season will not be eligible to play or participate in any LVJLC event, including practices.  This is a separate cost and is paid directly to US Lacrosse.  All US Lacrosse memberships should be valid through June 2018.

2.) Registration information:

Boys and Girls registration 1st and 2nd Grade:  The focus here is on FUN!  This is an introduction to the fundamentals of lacrosse.  Basic catching, throwing, shooting and ground balls are covered in fun drills and games.  Game play is introduced through intra-squad scrimmages in practice.  Expect 1-2 practices per week.  Possibly some scrimmages/games against other towns later in the season and some round robin festivals. No uniforms are required (pinnies will be supplied).  Full equipment is needed for boys (stick, helmet, gloves, elbow and shoulder pads, athletic cup) and for girls (sticks, mouth guard and goggles).                                                                                                                                                                           

Boys Registration – Boys Grades 3rd-4th:  Here the focus is still on the FUNdamentals along with team concepts of defense and offense.   As the players progress more advanced techniques are introduced.  Game situations are taught and each team has a regular travel schedule.  Practices start late February/early March and the season ends by the first week of June.  Expect minimum 2-3 practices per week not including games.  Each boy will play in 10-12 games with potential tournaments.  Attendance, Attitude and Aptitude are benchmark traits we are looking to develop in the boys.

Boys Registration – Boys Grades 5th-8th:  In 2018, Long Valley will be playing in the North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League AAA West Division.  This is a travel team playing top NJ competition.  Based on registration numbers by level, teams will compete at AAA or A.  Increasingly advanced concepts will be taught. Expect 3-4 practices per week.  Attendance, Attitude and Aptitude will continue to drive participation at these levels.  Lacrosse will be the athletes primary focus during the Spring season.

2018 ALL boys’ players 3rd-7th that need to order a uniform can order through link below.  The uniform is a separate cost from the registration.  All returning players can use their 2017 uniform.  New players please list top 3 number choices and we will make best effort to accommodate that request. 


*8th grade boys will order separate uniforms at later date-DO NOT order uniform through above link.

**The LVJLC strongly recommends ALL players wear white helmets while playing for Long Valley

Girls Registration – Girls Grades 3rd-8th:  Girls in grades 3-8 will play at one of 3 levels – 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade.  Based on registration there may be more than one team at each level.  All girls teams will play a travel schedule of 10/12 games with potential festival style tournaments.  Attendance, Attitude and Aptitude are benchmark traits for the girls program.

All girls players 3rd-8th grade that need to order a new uniform can use the link below.  The purchase of the uniform is a separate cost from the registration.

Because we have multiple grades on each team we cannot have duplicate numbers per league rules. 

  • 3rd grade EVEN numbers
  • 4th grade ODD numbers
  • 5th grade EVEN numbers
  • 6th grade ODD numbers
  • 7th grade EVEN numbers
  • 8th grade ODD Numbers



  1. Please use your best judgment regarding uniform sizes. (Universal Lacrosse in Randolph is available to try on sizes).
  2. Families with more than 1 child will receive a $25 discount on their 2nd registration. In order for the system to recognize this you must register all of your children during the same registration session.

2018 Boys Youth Lacrosse Clinic at WMCH

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Kayla Treanor Pro Lacrosse Camp In Madison

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$5.00 tickets for RUTGERS (#15) vs SYRACUSE (#13)

March 9th, 2018|0 Comments

We Have Added Directions To Every Game!

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1st Annual Golf Outing

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Jersey Jam tournament.

Great day for the 5th-grade boys down at Rutgers for the Jersey Jam tournament.

Great day for the 5th grade boys down at Rutgers for the Jersey Jam tournament.

Jersey Jam tournament. 2018-03-01T17:10:15+00:00

Required Boys Lacrosse Equipment!

Required Boys Lacrosse Equipment


   Lacrosse equipment is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of lacrosse. Having the right
equipment can mean the difference of scoring the game-winning goal, winning the faceoff, or
even protecting your body.


   Below is a list of required Boy’s lacrosse equipment:

  • Helmet – NOCSAE approved.**   (The LVJLC strongly encourages all boys to wear WHITE helmets)
  • Shoulder pads.
  • Elbow pads.
  • Gloves.
  • Chest protector and throat guard (for goalie only). 
  • Complete Lacrosse Stick (Short, long pole, goalie based on age/position).
  • Cleats / Sneakers.
  • Mouthpiece (colored) that attaches to facemask.
  • Athletic Supporter.

   The above items can be purchased at any sporting goods store or lacrosse specialty store, such
as Universal Lacrosse (Randolph/Somerville.)

**Please note No hockey Equipment Allowed!


Required Boys Lacrosse Equipment! 2017-01-16T22:20:07+00:00
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