Boys Shoulder Pads

Due to rules change in 2022, all boys shoulder pads must be NOCSAE certified. This is required by USA Lacrosse. Shoulder pads certified to NOCSAE standards include cardiac protection in the form of a hard chest plate and additional padding. For more information, visit the USA Lacrosse web site.

Certified shoulder pads will have the logo below printed on the pads.


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Required Boys Lacrosse Equipment!

Required Boys Lacrosse Equipment

   Lacrosse equipment is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of lacrosse. Having the right
equipment can mean the difference of scoring the game-winning goal, winning the faceoff, or
even protecting your body.

   Below is a list of required Boy’s lacrosse equipment:

  • Helmet – NOCSAE approved.**   (The LVJLC strongly encourages all boys to wear WHITE helmets)
  • Shoulder pads.
  • Elbow pads.
  • Gloves.
  • Chest protector – NOCSAE Approved **  and throat guard (for goalie only). 
  • Complete Lacrosse Stick (Short, long pole, goalie based on age/position).
  • Cleats / Sneakers.
  • Mouthpiece (colored) that attaches to facemask.
  • Athletic Supporter.

   The above items can be purchased at any sporting goods store or lacrosse specialty store, such
as Universal Lacrosse (Randolph/Somerville.)

**Please note No hockey Equipment Allowed!

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