2024 Long Valley Wolfpack Lacrosse Registration


Boys and Girls Grades 1 thru 8

* All participants MUST be residents of Long Valley/Washington Township to register *

All registration payment is by credit card only.


2 STEPS TO REGISTERING FOR LV LACROSSE: (must be completed in order)

STEP 1: Apply for or renew US Lacrosse membership for 2023 US Lacrosse Membership Number.

○ All players/coaches at all levels are required to be current members of US Lacrosse as per league rules.
○ Before continuing to STEP 2, you must go to http://www.uslacrosse.org and either renew your existing membership or apply for a new one (new player) in order to receive your player’s US Lacrosse Membership Number. This is a separate cost and is paid directly to US Lacrosse.

STEP 2: Register with Long Valley Lacrosse using Teamsnap

○ Complete the registration form through Teamsnap. Be sure to have your US Lacrosse membership number ready from Step 1 above.


○ Login with an existing Teamsnap account or create a new one if you are new to Teamsnap.

○ You will need to read and acknowledge the following
NJ Department of Health COVID-19 Policy
LV Lax Parent and Guardian Code of Conduct
Social Media Code of Conduct
Long Valley Lacrosse Work Bond

Check Teamsnap for practice schedule

On first day of practice, be sure to bring the following:

○ Work Bond Check
○ Your Equipment
○ Be ready to Work Hard, Play Hard and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

If you missed online registration and are interested in playing for Long Valley Lacrosse
please reach out to president@longvalleylax.com